Friday, January 16, 2015

hp offline array configuration utility

HP’s website didn’t seem to work today. Just when i needed an offline ACU iso.

Seems they can be found here:

Friday, November 30, 2012

Write image to multiple usb sticks simultaneously

Very neat (freeware) piece of software to write an image to multiple usb sticks at the same time.

http://osforensics.c … rite-usb-images.html

Friday, March 18, 2011

powershell - set disk quota using wmi

The 2003 powershell goes on :-)
Again, there are no available modules so i had to create my own.
How to set disk quota for a certain user (in megabytes) on a certain Windows 2003 server on a certain drive? Here’s how:

function set_disk_quota($username, $quota_hard, $computername, $disk)
  # preferred quota mode is enabled+deny access to disk, which is type 2
  # for logging purposes only but still allow disk access, select type 1
  $default_quota_mode = "2"

  $query_quota_enabled_or_not = "select * from Win32_QuotaSetting where VolumePath='"+$disk+":\\'"
  $query_user = "select * from Win32_Account where name='"+$username+"'"
  $query_disk = "select * from Win32_LogicalDisk where DeviceID='"+$disk+":'"

  $quota_disk = get-wmiobject -query $query_quota_enabled_or_not -computername $computername
  if ($quota_disk.State -eq "0")
    echo "CHECK - ERROR - state 0 = Quota not enabled on disk -$disk- of -$computername-"
    echo "setting quota"
    $quota_disk.State = $default_quota_mode
  if ($quota_disk.State -eq "1")
    echo "CHECK - WARNING - state 1 = Quota enabled on disk -$disk- of -$computername- but not access is not denied when over quota"
    echo "setting quota"
    $quota_disk.State = $default_quota_mode
  if ($quota_disk.State -eq "2")
    echo "CHECK - OK - state 2 = Quota enabled on disk -$disk- of -$computername- and access is denied when over quota"

  $objAccount = get-wmiobject -query $query_user
  $objDisk = get-wmiobject -query $query_disk
  $objquota = (new-object management.managementclass Win32_DiskQuota).CreateInstance()
  $objquota.User = $objAccount.Path.RelativePath
  $objquota.QuotaVolume = $objDisk.Path.RelativePath

  if ($quota_hard -eq "0")
    echo "Quota deleted for $username"
    $objquota.Limit = [int]$quota_hard * 1024 * 1024 * 1
    # Set the warning level to 90% of the $hard_limit
    $objquota.WarningLimit = [int]$quota_hard * 1024 * 1024 * 0.9

Friday, November 12, 2010

areca use extra space after swapping hd’s

Say you have a raid5 volume of 3×500GB disks with an effective space of ~1TB.
You plug out 1 disk, swap it with a 1TB disk and let the areca rebuild the array.
You do the same for disk 2 and 3.
You’d probably think you’ll have an extra TB to use. But the areca won’t show you. Here’s how (undocumented feature):

  1. Login the browser management console (Raidset Functions > Rescue RaidSet)
  2. Enter the keyword “RESETCAPACITY Raid Set # 000”, confirm and submit. After that, controller will reconfigure the raidset capacity.
  3. Create an extra logical drive on the raidset