Monday, September 6, 2010

copy file and directory permissions

If you’re migrating data from one domain to another, sometimes you need to retain file and directory permissions.
Let’s assume you’ve recreated users and security groups the way they were. Then you can do the following:

dump all rights to a file (on the old fileserver)

subinacl /noverbose /outputlog=D:\apps_perms.txt /subdirectories d:\apps\*.* /display

replay the file (on the new fileserver)

subinacl /playfile D:\apps_perms.txt

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

powershell - import .pst files in exchange 2010 (pt2)

In addition to the previous article, you might want to add your default locale to the import-mailbox command.

import-mailbox -identity "hugo" -pstfolderpath "c:\pstfiles" -locale "nl-NL"

Otherwise annoying duplicate folders like Inbox/Postvak IN, Calendar/Agenda, Drafts/Concepten, etc will appear.